MVC is standard for Model-View-Controller. This MVC architecture is the most popular and widely used software architecture.

What is Software Architecture?

“Software architecture is the foundation of a software system. Like other types of engineering, the foundation has a profound effect on the quality of what is built on top of it. As such, it holds a great deal of importance in terms of the successful development, and eventual maintenance, of the system.”

Excerpt From: Joseph Ingeno. “Software Architect’s Handbook.” Apple Books.

Examples of software architectures commonly used in the IT industry:

  1. Layered pattern
  2. Client-server pattern
  3. Master-slave pattern
  4. Pipe-filter pattern
  5. Broker pattern
  6. Peer-to-peer pattern

Azure Storage is a Microsoft-provided cloud service that has secure, durable, redundant, and scalable storage. You may have already heard about at least one option offered by Microsoft to store user data on the cloud. If I named them, they are file storage, table storage, blob storage, queue storage, and disk. The special thing about them is, each of these options has its unique purpose on behalf of fulfilling business needs.

What is Azure Blob storage?

Azure Blob Storage is a service that stores a large amount of unstructured data in the cloud as objects(blobs). Blob storage can store any type of text, images, videos…

As the word REACT is a very commonly speaking topic among IT people, today I am here to let you know about two technologies: React and React Native.

Are you confused between React and React Native? Are you thinking which one is better to learn first? If so, invite you to read my article.

First, I will give you a quick understanding of how these technologies are introduced to the world. In 2011, an engineer from Facebook organization, used XHP which is a component library in Html for PHP, to create FaxJs. It could be introduced as the first prototype…

When the internet evolves and the size of the computer networks become larger and larger day-by-day, everyone concerns much about network security to make sure about data integrity as it is essential to secure every aspect of data and information. Let’s take a look at why this network security is so important in today’s world.

What is Network Security?

Network security is the most essential aspect used when working over the internet, though the business is big or small. As no network can not immune to attacks, it is essential to maintain a stable and efficient network security system to…

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An enthusiastic and hard-working undergraduate at University of Moratuwa, with a clear ambition of becoming a talented professional in the IT Industry.

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